Spencer Davis

Born: 1939/07/17, Swansea, U.K.

The Spencer Davis Group

Formed: Birmingham, 1963

Spencer Davis - vocals, guitar
Steve Winwood - vocals, guitar, keyboard
Muff Winwood - bass guitar
Pete York - drums

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1965 - Their First LP

01. My Baby
02. Dimples
03. Searchin'
04. Every Little Bit Hurts
05. I'm Blue
06. Sittin' And Thinkin'
07. I Can't Stand It
08. Here Right Now
09. Jump Back
10. It's Gonna Work Out Fine
11. Midnight Train
12. It Hurts Me So

1966 - Second Album

01. Look Away
02. Keep On Runnin'
03. This Hammer
04. Georgia On My Mind
05. Please Do Something
06. Let Me Down Easy
07. Strong Love
08. I Wash My Hands In Muddy Waters
09. Since I Met You Baby
10. You Must Believe Me
11. Hey Darling
12. Watch Your Step

1966 - Autumn '66

01. Together Til The End Of Time
02. Take This Hurt Off Me
03. Nobody Knows When Your're Down
04. Midnight Special
05. When A Man Loves A Woman
06. When I Come Home
07. Mean Woman Blues
08. Dust My Blues
09. On The Green Light
10. Neighbor Neighbor
11. High Time Baby
12. Somebody Help Me

1967 - Gimme Some Lovin'

01. Gimme Some Lovin'
02. Keep On Running
03. This Hammer (The Hammer Song)
04. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
05. When I Come Home
06. It Hurts Me So
07. Somebody Help Me
08. Midnight Special
09. Here Right Now
10. Trampoline
11. Sittin' And Thinkin
12. Goodbye Stevie
13. Jump Back
14. It's Gonna Work Out Fine
15. I'm Blue (Gong Gong Song)
16. I'm Getting Better
17. She Put The Hurt On Me
18. Blues In F
19. High Time Baby
20. Drown In My Tears

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Birmingham England's Spencer Davis Group are heard at the peak of their prodigious power on this United Artists album available on CD for the first time.
This CD has 20 tracks - original album + 8 bonus tracks!
Features the hits Gimme Some Lovin' and Keep On Running.
Lovingly remastered by the folks @ Sundazed. 2001 reissue.
1967 - I'm A Man

01. I'm A Man Listen
02. Every Little Bit Hurts
03. Searchin'
04. I Can't Stand It
05. Dimples
06. Look Away
07. Georgia On My Mind
08. My Babe
09. I Can't Get Enough Of It
10. On The Green Ligh
11. Stevie's Blues
12. Midnight Train
      CD Bonus Tracks
13. Watch Your Step
14. You Must Believe Me
15. Strong Love
16. Hey Darling
17. Waltz For Lumumba
18. Please Do Something
19. Let Me Down Easy
20. Stevie's Groove

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This original United Artist album is finally available for the first time on CD, complete with 20 tracks (12 original; 8 bonus tracks).
The folks @ Sundazed have lovingly remastered this release. 2001 reissue.
1968 - With Their New Face On

01. With His New Face On
02. Mr Second Class
03. Alec In Transitland
04. Sanity Inspector
05. Feel Your Way
06. Morning Sun
07. Moonshine
08. Don't Want You No More
09. Time Seller
10. Stop Me When I'm Falling
11. After Tea
12. Aqaurious Der Wassermann
13. Let The Sunshine
14. Feel Your Way
15. I'm Lost
16. Pools Winner
17. Morning Sun

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Remastered Repertoire reissue of their 1968 album with eightbonus tracks: 'After Tea', 'Aquarius Der Wassermann', 'Let The Sunshine In' and five previously unreleased tracks: 'Feel Your Way', 'I'm Lost', 'Pools Winner', 'Morning Sun' and a Spencer Davis Radio interview.
18 tracks total. Color picture disc
1969 - Heavies

01. Please Do Something
02. Waltz For Lumumba
03. I'm Blue
04. Hey Darling
05. Mean Woman Blues
06. Watch Your Step
07. Drown In My Own Tears
08. Together Till The End Of Time
09. Take This Hurt Off Me
10. Back Into My Life Again

1969 - Funky

01. I Met A Woman
02. Letter From Edith
03. Raintree River
04. What A Way To Die
05. Funky
06. Magical Day
07. I Guess I'm Wasting My Time
08. Poor Misguided Woman
09. And The Gods Came Down
10. New Jersey Turnpike
11. With Their New Face On
12. Time Seller
13. Feel Your Way
14. Taking Time Out
15. Mr. Second Class
16. After Tea
17. Groove Extra
18. Moonshine
19. The Girls Song
20. Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In

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Although it was recorded in 1969, this album was not released at the time (although a few were circulated in the US in 1971 before it was withdrawn due to contractual reasons).
By the late 1960s the band were firmly under the creative direction of Ray Fenwick, who played lead guitar, sang lead vocals, and wrote all of the songs.
The CD reissue has ten bonus tracks from the same era, taken from TV and radio sessions, studio outtakes, and a live recording from the 1967-68 era
1973 - Gluggo

01. Catch You On The Rebop
02. Don't You Let It Bring You Down
03. Living In A Backstreet
04. Today Gluggo, Tomorrow The World
05. Feeling Rude
06. Mr. Operato
07. The Edge
08. The Scre
09. Tumble Down Tenement Row
10. Alone
11. Legal Eagle Shuffle
12. Trouble In Mind
13. Touching Cloth
14. Mr. Operator
15. Touching Cloth

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Remastered reissue on Repertoire for their 1973 album with six bonus tracks: 'Alone', 'Legal Eagle Shuffle', 'Trouble In Mind', 'Touching Cloth' and previously unreleased Rough Mixes of 'Mr. Operator' & 'The Edge'. 15 tracks total.
1974 - Living In A Back Street

01. Living in a Back Street
02. One Night
03. Hanging Around
04. No Reason
05. Fastest Thing on Four Wheels
06. Back Street Boys
07. Another Day
08. Sure Need a Helping Hand
09. We Can Give It a Try
10. Let's Have a Party
11. We Can Give It a Try
12. Living in a Back Street
13. Fastest Thing on Four Wheels
14. Sure Need a Helping Hand
15. Hanging Around
16. One Night
17. Back Street Boys
18. Another Day
19. Let's Have a Party
20. We Can Give It a Try

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Includes Alternate and Demo Versions.

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